So according to in hypnosis you’ll never get someone to break their ethical code. But “hold on” you’ll say, “I saw a stage show and all these people were running around, acting like chickens, and doing all kinds of crazy things. Surely the hypnotist, on that show, had complete control?”

Well, yes and no. Let me explain what I mean by that. An analogy I’d like to draw is: imagine a magician doing his show. Now, in this show he causes a woman to levitate up off the ground, and fly around the audience, before coming right back to the front stage. The question is this: “Did the woman fly?”

Sure, she was 6-foot up in the air. Sure, she made a tour around the entire audience, and she was genuinely up in the air in that position. But was it really levitation? Was it really flying?

Trying too hard tends to put people off is one of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to use covert hypnosis and build rapport. .

The problem of wanting something too much is seen easily when you think back to a time when you walked into a store and you wanted to buy maybe a stereo or something. The salesman comes up and starts talking to you, but the thing is
they get a little bit too pushy.

They want you to buy too much. They want you to like them too much. And because they want something from you; because they’re pushing you too far down the process too quickly, you begin to back off.

Now, according to The Academy of Hypnotherapy the solution to this is a Covert Hypnosis techniques called ‘fractionating rapport’. In fractionating rapport, what you’re going to do is you’re going to build a little rapport and then back off. Then you’ll build a little bit more rapport, and back off, a little bit more, back off, a little bit more, and back off.

The Law of Fractionation is something that we’ll look at a little more when we cover hypnotic principles. But basically, every time that you do something it’s the equivalent of dipping your toe in a bucket of cold water. At first just the big toe goes in, then you might have all the toes, then you pull it back out again. Then you’ll put the foot in; you’ll pull it back out again.

And every time that you come back to this experience, it’s easier and easier to go deeper and deeper, because it seems familiar to you.

So fractionating rapport is a technique where you build a little rapport, and you take it away again, so that the people are constantly in a comfort zone. And that comfort zone’s always being stretched a little bit at a time.

So, to sum up the first 3 most common mistakes that people make – and they’re all interrelated – it’s first of all ‘Trying to be too nice’, second of all ‘Trying too hard to establish rapport’, and third of all ‘Wanting something too much from someone else’ (becoming a little bit too pushy to either build rapport or get a certain result).

The solution to these 3 problems is very simple.

First of all, realise that when learning covert hypnosis there’s a time to stop being nice in order to save the rapport, to save the relationship.

Number two is to use the ‘instant rapport technique’ that we’ll be covering a little later on, in order to allow the normal rapport signals to flow unconsciously and naturally.

And finally, it’s to use the principle of ‘fractionation’ to build a little rapport, and then back off, and then a little bit more, and then back off, consistently so that over a small period of time you build a lot of large steps.

Now one thing I want to point out is that with the SEnuke template I have given you there is only one tier.

If you’re using one of the more advanced templates from UpToByte then you might have more than one tier.

When a template uses more than one tier then in the SEnuke main screen you will not only see this:

Click the projects tab and then choose one of the modules.

T1 AD (MS)
T1 PR (MS)
T1 SB (MS)
T1 Web2 (MS)
T1 Wiki (MS)

But you will also see this:

Click the projects tab and then choose one of the modules.

Here’s a list of the modules to choose from:

T2 AD (MS)
T2 PR (MS)
T2 SB (MS)
T2 Web2 (MS)
T2 Wiki (MS)

The “T1” or the “T2” stands for Tier 1 and Tier 2, and when you’re using a template with more than one tier then you will also have to open up the different modules and remove all of the PR0 sites.

So that’s how you remove any site that is less than a PR1 so that you can be sure that you’re only posting to the best sites available.

Now while we’re on the subject of removing all the sites below a PR1 you may have realised that SEnuke doesn’t actually have that many sites for you to post your links to.

In fact, even before we remove the Pr0 sites there is still only 654 sites to post to.

Here’s the breakdown:

Article Directories
Pdf Sites:
Press Release Sites:
Social Bookmarks:
Web 2.0’s:
Wiki Sites:

Then once we remove all of the PR0 sites we’re only left with 432 sites to post our links to.

Here’s the breakdown:

Article Directories
Pdf Sites:
Press Release Sites:
Social Bookmarks:
Web 2.0’s:
Wiki Sites:

The problem with this is that every single person that owns SEnuke is also posting to these same sites and so after time they lose their power.

The key to dominating Google is getting fresh sites that don’t have hundreds of thousands of people posting to them so that you can get those high authority backlinks that we need to rank in the search engines, and this is exactly what I’m going to talk about in my next post.

So make sure you check it out here: How to import your own sites into SEnuke.

Ok, so once you’ve removed all of the PR0 sites then that’s it…

You now have your first SEO campaign completed and it’s ready to go.

What will happen next is in 30 minutes or so once the timer reaches the time you selected in the scheduler SEnuke will jump into action and start setting up the accounts that it’s going to use to post links with.

After that it will wait five minutes and then verify those email accounts.

Then it will begin posting the articles with the backlinks and you will have your first batch of backlinks that have been built by Nuke out there in the internet.

After talking with hundreds of companies at a recent local marketing event it has come to my attention that many people are being rather capricious with their digital marketing. The reason this came to my attention is because there are quite a few companies that just leave their marketing until the last minute and only when it is absolutely essential will they invest in effective methods.

This video explains more: